No more bills!

Let's Design and Install Solar  Together!

Harnessing energy from the sun has never been this effective. Smart Systems is an accredited solar installer in Kenya. We design, install and support you. 

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  • Solar PV Installation

    Smart System has a track record and experience in the design, installation and support of residential solar systems and commercial solar. With solar energy, you will save money and live stress free

  • Solar Water Pumping

    Water from well, dam, borehole or tank can be pump by solar energy. We design, install and maintain. You should not pay bills to pump water

  • Solar Water Pumping

    Water from well, dam, borehole or tank can be pump by solar energy. We design, install and maintain. You should not pay bills to pump water

" Let's Make Your Life Stress-free and of Fulfilment"

  • Solar Water Heating

    Warm water is part of our daily use. To heat water using electricity is expensive (grid power). But not anymore. Get a solar water heating system to warm your water for use in the bathroom and kitchen to wash utensils. 

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    Certified Experts

    We have a team of professionally trained technicians. Their passion and commitment to service is above board. Try us today

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    Solar Street Lighting

    To light up the night, a reliable and renewable energy source is solar energy. We will help you through the design process, installation, and maintenance. No more bills with Smart Systems

Why Choose Us

You have the right to choose a firm of your desire. If you choose us, expect the following

Professional Work

We are trained, certified, and have a track record. We adhere to guidelines from the regulatory bodies and serve you with the utmost respect. 

Customer Service

You are important. We subscribe to the idea that being important is nice but being nice is very important. You come first we try to serve your needs

24/7 Support

To serve is to sacrifice. We endeavor to guide in design, installation, & operation. We walk the journey together. Smart Systems, a solar companion


To be at peace, quality is a must. At Smart Systems, we imagine a life full of autonomy. A stress-free life for all of us. Harness this technology


Residential Home Solar Power


Solar Water Heaters


Institutions Power Installed


Projected homes to connect in 5 years

What's Our Clients Say

We sample clients, a selection we have served in the past years. You deserve Smart Systems

  • Patricia Nafula

    Resident Malaa

Constant blackouts were a feature in the area I live in. I opted for solar power. I contacted Smart Systems and now all the stress is in the past. If you need the solar installed in your home, just give them a call.

  • Isaac Kipyego

    Resident Baringo

I did not know much about solar. Smart Systems gave me great explanations about their service and products. I cherished every moment of it through to installation and finally commissioning. I am connected by Smart Systems

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    Pascal Ochieng


Nothing drives bills up like heating water. Smart Systems proposed a solar water heating system. Say no more. Go for the system and have your taps running with warm water. Thanks

  • testimonial-4

    Mercy Njeri

    Resident Kileleshwa

Imagining solar was not just enough. Imagining Smart Systems brought me much more than just power, it saved me a lot of stress and money.

Roof Mounted Smart Systems Energy

Questions and Answers

  • Is solar light brigh enough?

    The image on the right-hand side is a solar-powered home. It has full brightness in the dark and guarantees your security. 

  • Why I should choose solar energy?

    Solar energy is free for all. Its eco-friendly, reliable, and above all affordable.

  • Who should install solar PV or water heating systems?

    Get an accredited and experienced firm with the right personnel. Installing the solar system can be very tricky. 

  • Is worker certified?

    Solar PV or water heaters technicians are tested and accredited by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA). Ask for licence information

  • Will the installers destroy my roof?

    Yes and No. Depends on who you hire to do the job. The image on your right-hand side shows you a simple mounting we have done before. Get the right team. Get a team from Smart Systems Limited.