Solar PV Installer Nanyuki

Solar PV Installer Nanyuki

Smart Systems is a solar PV installer in Nanyuki. At Smart Systems, we have close to a decade of experience with the planning and installing solar PV systems in Nanyuki. We have undertaken to install a full range of solar panels including the PV systems with charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) charging point solutions. It is essential in order to make the most of renewable energy. Solar energy has never been this cheap and effective.

Smart Systems has undertaken on many projects that vary in size and timelines. They include installations at residential properties, commercial buildings, schools, churches, hospitals and for community centres, social business centres and public utilities.

Essential considerations for Nanyuki solar PV installations

Reports show that the curiosities of solar PV in Kenya are that Nanyuki enjoys lower installation rates than other parts of the country. This should be a chance for Nanyuki people to adopt solar PV at a high rate and it has captured the attention of the Kenyan citizens.

While this is so, it is not unusual for a solar PV installer, as this has been reported in other major cities, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kampala, Pretoria, Kinshasa, Dar ES Salaam, which have slightly higher installation rates despite having lots of solar in their respective countries.

At Smart Systems, we believe the reasons are several-fold as the population is made of younger and more transient populations, the increasing individual homeownership, increasing bills, and increasing roof space. All this makes solar PV installation a more complex piece of engineering in the Nanyuki environment. 

Residential Home Powered by Solar

With close to 10 years’ experience, Smart Systems are specialists in designing, supplying and installing quality systems on the said properties.

I assure you that we often design bespoke solar PV solutions to cope with special needs a client might have.

As a solar PV installer, Smart Systems has successfully completed solar PV installations in Nanyuki on many different types of buildings, churches, flats, housing developments, community buildings, and educational facilities.

Our experience with architects and other contractors though varied project stages during building and retrofit processes.  

A design for existing buildings or mounting structures off the ground, we will be there with you. Smart Systems is ideally a solar installer better placed to work with you towards achieving a hassle-free installation.

Full-service solar installations in Nanyuki

If you’re looking for a solar installer, panels for your Nanyuki home, business, school, or social enterprise project, we offer a full end-to-end service; from initial feasibility studies, right through to solar design, solar installation, aftercare, and maintenance.

If you’d like to discuss a potential solar PV, battery, or EV charging project, need information no PPA, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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