Solar Water Pumping Eldoret

Smart Systems assures you that solar water pumping is a sure approach to the constant supply of water in Eldoret. We all know that water is an essential commodity. In that view, to get running water requires energy to pump. In that regard, solar water pumping is a solution to water problems as it is practical, affordable, and reliable.

Why Choose Solar Pumping

  1. Wherever the sun shines, the pumps operate
  2. Productivity is higher when it is even hotter. When water is needed most
  3. Minimal servicing
  4. No more bills

For these reasons, they work during the day hence the need for storage tanks. Storage tanks should be able to store water for the rainy days. In some cases, the use of backup batteries enhances the water pumping capability.

Solar Water Pumping
Solar Water Pumping

Application of Solar Water Pumping Eldoret

  1. In residential homes
  2. Agricultural application i.e. irrigation, dairy etc.
  3. Recreational facilities, i.e. swimming pool, spa
  4. Industrial water supply
  5. Business and institutions i.e. schools, hotels etc.

Technical System Information

Pumps are either submersible which are used for deeper wells. In this case the water surface cannot be used as the level of water is deep into the ground. These pumps have smaller diameters and are then connected to pipes that run water to the surface.

On the other hand, surface pumps move water from shallow wells, dams, tanks, streams, and where the pump itself is less than 6 meters above water level. Enhancing efficiency is requires that the suction depth remains a few meters.

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Why Choose Wazo Smart Systems

To obtain most benefits from solar water pumping systems, proper research, design, and installation is a requirement. If you get this wrong, the system will not perform optimally. In view of that, this is where Wazo Smart Systems Limited comes in. We have a team of experienced PV technicians in Eldoret, years of experience, and a long list of happy clients. With our service, you will get the best of customer service, creative team workers, and professionalism in-and-out. We always supply quality products and offer support 24/7.

Solar Water Pumping
Solar Water Pumping

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