Wazo Smart Training Centre

Our core aspiration is to shape the future of engineering by helping STEM students to bridge the theoretical class content and the required industry practical skills in the fields of Electrical,  Automation, and Solar.

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    To serve humanity by offering turnkey solutions to connect them to energy, automate operations and impart practical knowledge and skills 

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    To shape the future of engineering by connecting business and community to sustainable technology 

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    Professionalism, Innovation, Flexibility, Customer Focus, and  Sustainability

We Provide a Practical Approach to Engineering Training

Electrical, Solar, Automation engineering are practical courses. We listen to students' aspirations and curate the courses to reflect their course outcome aspirations while meeting the industry standards. 

Trunking n Inverter

Programs Offered

PLC Programming

We have an extensive range of PLC training courses available covering all PLC manufacturers and levels of expertise. The course covers novice to advanced levels. We have state of the art equipment for practicals. ALL of our training courses are curated to your own requirements.

SCADA Systems

The course will teach HMI  and SCADA configuration, foundations of programming, and fault finding and troubleshooting.
A candidate will be equipped with skills to configure SCADA to communicate with a PLC over a network. Practical through and through

Computer Aided Design and Simulation

The industry demands a certain mix of skills a candidate should poses. No business wants to undergo a trial and error. Its costly in this economy. That why carrying on Simulation, design and modelling comes handy. We offer a range of platforms.

Electrical, Solar PV and Automation Field Service

Traditional engineering courses as currently taught is majorly theoretical. The half baked engineers who leave college is a problem. We come in with a solution. We provide hands-on experience while learning. A team of pros and rookies.