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We specialize in delivering high-quality products and services created for specific customer requirements, the key strengths of Wazo Smart Systems includes the capacity to innovate with products and production processes and the ability to be customer-focused, through responding to their needs efficiently and effectively.

At Wazo Smart Systems, we offer high-quality electrical cables. We subscribe to professionalism in serving humanity with electrical energy.

Why our Cables

  1. They undergo the best of the manufacturing process
  2. Have high-quality insulation
  3. Properly sized to meet your electrical application needs
  4. Made from recommended material that enhances power delivery by minimizing losses

We supply a wide range of electrical and data cables addressing the most diverse applications that impact the society within the energy and telecom sectors in Kenya and Africa.

When you have an upcoming project preparing in advance by buying cables and allowing for a day to deliver, will save your project time and ensure you utilize your time well. It is cost-effective and you don’t have to walk into malls and vendor shops. It’s a waste of time considering the busy schedules.

We supply wholesale electrical cables to all towns in Kenya. Our prices for the wholesale electric cables are competitive and guarantee value for your money.

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Why Choose Wazo Smart Systems Limited

What makes us a preferred commercial electrical supplier and contractor

Professional Team

Deliver on Time

Quality Assurance

Work to Budgets

Client Satisfaction


Industry Experts


Years of Experience

All Specialism

Customer Service

Trustworthy and Honest

Our Values

People - Most Resourceful

Our communication with other associates is of utmost respect and by providing feedback, reinforcement, motivation, and recognition, we grow together. We invest a great deal of time and energy in our employees and support performance-driven training and development.

Customers - First Priority

We are humbled in being able to anticipate and meet customer needs. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and focus our work on their total satisfaction.

Integrity - Solid Foundation of All Our Actions

At Wazo Smart Systems, we strongly believe in ethical behavior in all transactions. We set high personal standards for ourselves and expect the people with whom we conduct business to do the same.

Teamwork - Our Path to Excellence

Wazo Smart Systems promotes trust and teamwork. This is achieved through the initiation and support of meaningful group projects, as well as by reinforcing and rewarding effective teamwork in action. Moreover, we encourage diverse input and contributions.

Innovation - The Way We Grow

Continually improving our service provision and product supply through creativity and daring to think above and beyond. Our strive is geared towards achieving a high degree of freshness in every business we get involved. We will continue to reinforce and recognize accomplishment and push ourselves even further to achieve our vision.

Speed - Our Competitive Advantage

We know our customers have urgent needs. To meet them, we have eliminated waste and unnecessary work, thereby reducing cycle time and excessive bureaucracy. We are not afraid to set ambitious goals.

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